Isamilo Lodge Restaurant

Isamilo Lodge Restaurant
Isamilo Hills
(2,500/= TSH in a taxi from the city centre)
Mwanza Guide price level: MEDIUM
- restaurant open from 7:00 AM up to11:00 PM


- Continental, Indian, Chinese and Italian menus
Seafood Pizza 6,000/= TSH
Vegetable Pizza 6,000/= TSH
Chicken Pakoda 5,000/= TSH
‘Bone steak’ -250 gram (picture to your upper right)
- with mushroom sauce, salad and chips 7.000/= TSH
Grilled Fish Fillet and chips (picture to your botton right)
- with Garlic Butter sauce 5,000/= TSH
Grilled Pork Chops and chips
- with ‘Apple Sauce’ 8,000/= TSH
Various Ice Cream Deserts 2,000/= TSH