Tour #5

Heights and conservation in Ukerewe
At Handebezyo the mtemis had their bank. In a small cave with only one entrance the mtemi placed walinzi at the entrance. People who wanted to store wealth they brought a cooking pot with the wealth and the pot was put in the cave together with other cooking pots containing valuables.
Today the cave is a memorial of former Area and District Commissioners. In the late sixties stairs and other infrastructure were built in order to make it a nice picnic site. Since maintenance has been neglected, but it is a nice experience to climb and have picnic on the top with views to Mwanza and to Rubya. With the height of 1.306 metres above sea level it is the highest point of Ukerewe.
Rubya forest plantation was planted by the English administration in the fifties. Since the late 1980’s harvesting and some replanting has taken place. At the official rest house there is a nice beach where swimming can be done rather undisturbed.
Duration: 6 - 7 hours
Distance: 70 - 80 km depending on your desires
Means of transport: Car

(By car can also be included the first cotton ginnery built in Africa South of the Sahara at Murutunguru.)
Alternative: By bicycle for experienced riders

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