Being a tourist in Ukerewe District you are kindly recommended to:

Please understand that you are in a rural setting, where moral values and attitudes differ quite a lot from the ones of the western world.

Men are therefore advised to wear long trousers outside of the hotel premises, and women are advised to wear longer skirts when moving out of the hotel premises.

Whenever taking photographs where people appear, then remember to ask for permission in advance in order to avoid discussions.

Please do not respond to begging especially not from children. It is important for the entire intercultural understanding for both parties to adhere to this advice.

Be aware that if you are travelling without local escort in the villages, then curious children and adults may disturb you. Ukerewians do not yet fully perceive the reasons for a tourist to travel.

It is hence very important that you do not enter a cultivated field or other private property without the consent of the owner.

Camping in villages can be possible, but please make sure that you have got the consent from the village chairman or secretary.

Be aware that Lake Victoria is infested with Bilharzia. It is hence recommended only to swim in less populated areas like Irondo and Rubya. There is though no guarantee that these places are free of Bilharzia.