Activities (continued)

You can fish from the beach or from a rowing boat for tilapia, catfish, barbel or small fish like the cichlids. Equipment is for hire at the Lodge.
Lake Victoria is famous for its unique population of “furu” (cichlids), which seems to be recovering, after it was threatened with extinction by the Nile perch. These chiclids are very colourful and are often kept in aquarias. The Nile perch was introduced in the lake somewhere around 1960 and flourished. On one side it was an ecological disaster, but on the other side the Nile perch was baptised “Mkombozi” (Saviour) by the local Sukuma tribe. Now there is a lively fish trade in Nile perch with a lot of factories that export to Europe.

Bird watching
Over 250 species of bush, swamp and water birds live on the Lodge’s 85 hectares of savannah. African Fish Eagles have a nest in a tree next (Photo in the midle) to the lounge. You can frequently see them skim the lake and catch fish. You are free to roam around the extensive gardens or use a boat to get close to the reeds for better observation. Many birds are indigenous to this area and will not be seen in the Serengeti. Among them: swamp flycatcher, red-chested sunbird, Northern brown-throated weaver, yellow-backed weaver, black-headed gonolek and blue-headed coucal. You can take your time, without being disturbed, and there is no danger from animals. The Lodge keeps a bird list, and co-operates with the Tanzania Bird Atlas, by surveying the lake area. Guided walks are offered twice a day; early morning or late afternoon.

Excursion by local canoe
You will be picked up in a colourful canoe (Photo to your left) at the Lodge’s beach by fishermen and brought to Mwaburugu, their village. You may explore the village on foot before they bring you back, singing their rhythmic melodies while they row. Your guide tells you about the different methods of fishing, the way of life in the village and the birds you see on the way. This trip is only scheduled mornings, when the lake is calm and the fishermen bring in their overnight catch. Each canoe can carry four persons.

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