Serengeti Services & Tours

Serengeti Services & Tours is a privately owned travel agent and tour operator. Our advantage is being small enough to treat every client as an individual and not just a number - more important yet, big enough in infrastructure and representation throughout Tanzania, to handle any and all your specific needs, enquiries and requirements. A winning combination of dedication and experience with professionalism and the personal touch.
Our business clients range from individual travellers to large international companies. We are never complacent about our business. We continually strive to improve upon our services and technology. All-travel is strongly committed to keeping pace with and often staying ahead of the technology curve.

Since Serengeti Services opened its doors for business many years ago, our goal in providing customer service in a higher standard has never been changed. We do this by offering our best lowest cost price, taking all the fuss in planning your travel and to make sure no loose ends are left tagging behind. In addition, we provide numerous service that go beyond what other travel agencies offer in the market.

Serengeti Services & Tours Co. Ltd.
P.O Box 308
Mwanza, Tanzania
Telephone: +255 28 250 0061 &
+255 28 250 0754
Fax: +255 28 250 0446

Serengeti services include the following:

Please feel free to browse the airlines’ individual websites or e-mail us for any enquires on fares/flights or reservations.

Your ‘One Stop Solution’ for all your travel requirements
The office in Post Street
Serengeti Services has a fully operational IATA Accredited travel department to help you plan for your flight into Tanzania from anywhere in the world as well as from Tanzania to any destination in the world. The prices we are able to secure on inbound flights often work out cheaper then prices offered from the Americas, Europe and Asia.
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