Rubondo Island
How to get there
Safari to Rubondo Island
Non-residents US$ 20 per person/night.
Residents 5,000/= TSH per person/night.

Houses (bandas) with king-size beds.
Beds have mosquito nets.
Separate bath room and toilet (western style).
Private veranda.
Electric light from 6 pm to 11 pm (18:00 - 23:00).
Hot water from 6 pm to 11 pm (18:00 - 23:00) - and in the mornings.
Kitchen/cooking facilities - including everything needed for cooking/dining.
Dining room for up to 20 - 25 people.
Out door grill/open fire and dining facilities.

Further more:
Maximum security guaranteed by armed TANAPA game rangers - in case of visiting/crosing wild animals, such as hippos, crocodiles and/or elephants.

Rubondo Island

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