Tour #1

Where the chief killed 27 missionaries

In 1894 soon after the first White Fathers arrived to the kingdom the chief rejected their stay in his area. But they settled. Hence the chief send his/their warriors and they killed a number of 27 nuns and priests, who had fled to Hamuyebe. Therefore the 100 years of Christianity was celebrated here and a cross is now marking the deed.
At the same place the ruins of the first German administration are found and a large number of milling stones shows how popular a settling area this was.
The trip is recommend to be done by foot or by bicycle. Passing the paddy and cassava fields, and even a small coffee plantation at the school, gives a good impression of farming community and the landscape.
Arriving from the dry cassava fields towards the fishing hamlet at Namasabo is like coming through the desert towards an oasis. And here you can enjoy either a meal or a cool drink, while you pull in all the activities of the local community.
Duration: 3 - 6 hours
Distance: 6 - 20 km depending on your feet and desires
Means of transport: Foot or bicycle

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