Tour #2

The chiefs of Ukerewe

In 1874 the explorer Stanley arrived to Ukerewe with his big caravan and wanted to cross from Ukerewe to Uganda. Therefore he asked the mtemi Machunda - The Rainmaker - to help him in constructing a number of canoes to use when crossing the lake. Machunda was though somehow reluctant at it took a while for Stanley to have produced the needed number of canoes. He succeeded only because Machunda got tired of him and his people’s presence and wished them to disappear from his land.
This trip will show you the places the mtemi lived and ruled, where they were crowned and where they were buried. You will hear of determined ruling including sacrificing of humans and setting out of people on the Island of Kirita.
There will also be the opportunity of swimming on the north of the island.

Duration: 6 - 7 hours
Distance: 30 - 40 km depending on your desires
Means of transport: Bicycle or car
(By car this route includes the first cotton ginnery built in Africa South of Sahara at Murutunguru.)

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