Tour #3

Independence and Ujamaa in Ukerewe

Gallu was in the years 1968/69 developed into a model ujamaa village. The village was developed in an area hitherto un-settled under the leadership of the area commissioner. The village did so well that he wanted to present it to other districts. So in order to have a place for guests to sleep he built Gallu Beach Hotel in 1969 and gave it to Gallu village. President Nyerere thought that ujamaa villages should be self-reliant and therefore took the property and gave it to the party.
In Gallu you can see the tracks of the ujamaa history today and understand the settlers efforts towards building a new life and a new country.
In the same North Western corners there are tracks of the settling of Ukerewe by people from Kagera/Uganda and you find the caves where the inhabitants later hid during war times.
On top of that the Northwest of Ukerewe you can see spectacular scenery of Islands and you may have time for a swim or for hiring a boat to go for bird watching.
Duration: 6 - 7 hours
Distance: 70 - 80 km depending on your desires
Means of transport: Car
(By car can also be included the first cotton ginnery built in Africa South of Sahara at Murutunguru.)

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