Tour #4

The Dancing stone in traditional Ukara

"One day two men came wandering towards the stone. Suddenly one of the men fell into the cave beneath the stone - and disappeared!
The second man - seeing his fellow disappearing - turned to run back and left a footprint in a stone nearby.”
"Tale from Ukara"
Go and push the 'dancing stone' on Ukara Island and see the footprint. Earlier the stone were situated around 120 metres from the lakeshore. But in the heavy rain in the beginning of the sixties the land strip was wash away and the stone is now surrounded by water.
Traditions are strong on the island and you will pass the place, where twins and disabled children, were brought to die in cooking pots only fifty years ago.
Further you will be able to experience the area conserved for production of thatching grass and see the Chief Mathaba's Palace. In Nyang'ombe you still find people, who sleep with their livestock in part of their houses. Traditions are strong in Ukara!
Around Ukara the most beautiful beaches are found.
To go there requires a car to Bugolora and then a small ferry to Ukara, where there is only one car on the entire island.

Duration: 13 hours
Distance: 70 km and the ferry ride to and from Ukara
Means of transport: Car and ferry. Plus eventually bicycles on Ukara (recommended)
Alternative: By bicycle from Nansio and back for experienced riders

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